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Restaurant Jesolo Italy

Hotel Verdi takes pride in being one of the best Jesolo Lido beach Italy hotel. Comfortable stay, private beach with rolling waves, sumptuous food, personalised tours – you cannot miss out on the experience.

After a fun day in our private beach you are sure to get hungry like anything. To quench the culinary desires of our guests, we have our very own chef Severa and the oldest daughter of Coppe family serving delicious cuisines at our restaurant Jesolo Italy.

Restaurant Jesolo Italy: The Very Best when it comes to Food!

You can expect the very best of Venetian tradition reflected in the typical dishes served by our staff with meat and fish choices. Our chefs also excel at soulful national and local cuisines cooked with delicate care and rich flavours.

Our vegetarian guests can indulge in a wide array of specially prepared dishes in the vegetarian buffet while children can have their specific diets served by us. Just let us know what we can do for your little one!

World Class Eating Area

You have several options of eating places when you come to restaurant Jesolo Italy. The air-conditioned rooms are spacious enough to house our guests who want to chill while eating.

If you want to enjoy your meal feeling the sweet sea breeze on your face, you can eat out in the open air terrace accompanying our restaurant. It is also a good option for the parents to keep an eye on their children while eating as the terrace overlooks the children’s play area.

Restaurant Jesolo Italy is our pride and the best place in Lido to indulge in world class cuisines. After a exciting day at the beach swimming and building sandcastles, you can unwind and grab a drink from our exquisite bar.

There is nothing to end the day with a sumptuous meal served fresh only at restaurant Jesolo.