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Jesolo Sand Nativity

JESOLO SAND NATIVITY   Stories of the Bible carved on the sand! Jesolo Sand Nativity  is  very popular during winter time.  Every year the theme is centered on the Stories of the Bible with the sand crib of great charm and it is admired by thousands of visitors from all over[…]

Hotel Verdi near Caribe Bay water park

If are re you looking for an  hotel that is also family friendly then go straight to the Hotel Verdi. Hotel Verdi offers the best deals and the most beautiful accommodations for your holiday. Hotel Verdi near Caribe Bay  waterpark Caribe Bay  is located just 300 mt from us,  where[…]


Spend your holiday wisely by opting for the iconic Jesolo only 40 minutes from Venice by boat. You may lay on the  beach and let the  breeze caress you and make you sense the sheer beauty of life. The subtle nuances of the city make its charm even more worthy.[…]

Private Beach Hotel Verdi

Jesolo Lido beach has always been popular as a tourist destination for its vibrant beaches and to be very close to Venice, 40 minutes   by boat  to Venice up at one of the most  friendly beach in whole of Italy. Other from spending  your time lazing in our private […]

Family Hotel in Jesolo

Now that you made a good decision  flying to Italy, you need to head off to Jesolo – one of the major tourist spots in Venice. With some great accommodations on offer, it isn’t difficult to find a good family hotel in Jesolo. What is difficult, however, is to find[…]