Hotel Verdi Jesolo

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Family Hotel in Jesolo

Now that you made a good decision  flying to Italy, you need to head off to Jesolo – one of the major tourist spots in Venice. With some great accommodations on offer, it isn’t difficult to find a good family hotel in Jesolo. What is difficult, however, is to find a hotel that offers you a private beach – like Hotel Verdi Jesolo is known for.

The Right Reasons to Visit Jesolo

Now one cannot simply use the maps and enjoy the soul of the city. Our hotel near number 1 aquapark in Italy,  helps you out on this aspect as well. You have a reliable bunch of guides who take you through the history of the city – and with the beauty of Jesolo, you wouldn’t mind exploring the city all day.

The rooms available at the hotel Verdi come in various ranges: singles;doubles;3 , 4 and 5 beds, standards and confort.

The beach in the background add some colorful scenery of Jesolo. The pricing is quite economical, which means that you can now have an extended Holiday without having to worry about your budget.

Believe us. The price is unbelievable!

You would love to spend time by the 15 km beach,  wouldn’t mind the low flight fares often on offer.
With a good many options for a family hotel in Jesolo, you might get packing straight away!

The Other Things to Love hotel Verdi

Other exclusive features like the private parking, free bicycle hiring and very frendly Staff who will be  very happy to help you.