Hotel Verdi Jesolo

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Spend your holiday wisely by opting for the iconic Jesolo only 40 minutes from Venice by boat. You may lay on the  beach and let the  breeze caress you and make you sense the sheer beauty of life.

The subtle nuances of the city make its charm even more worthy.
No wonder you need to make a plan to visit Jesolo, the city that attracts around 6 million tourists every year all across the world.

What makes it special?

The alluring ambience and the beach in the background making it seem like a jewel of Venice.

Explore Jesolo The Way You Want

Being a tourist spot since ages, Jesolo has always been known for its apt blend between natural and man made beauty which is a treat to watch and that’s made it a tourist destination.

The beauty of Jesolo can’t really be expressed in words – you need to see it to believe it. We really aren’t exaggerating

  • The private beach of Hotel Verdi Jesolo ensures that you can spend some  time with your partner,  your children and friends  the way you want it.