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Jesolo Hotel Verdi 3 stars private beach

Looking for some  life in your Holiday?

Why not go in for the Italian flavor in the serene resort town of Venice,  Jesolo. With a reputation to be one of the best destinations near Venice,is often packed with tourists.

When there, expect to breathe in some surreal sea breeze while dozing off on the banks of Jesolo and resting your soul in this city.
Jesolo is a pretty good choice for a vacation, so why not make your choice even better by booking your stay at the Hotel Verdi Jesolo, which embraces your vacation spirit in the right way of things.

Verdi Jesolo comes with its own private beach and has all the luxuries you need. Apart from a great hospitality, it also helps you explore Venice in its true beauty.

Try with luxury

Look at the exclusive services provided by Jesolo hotel Verdi 3 stars and private beach.

With customized rooms in categories like single rooms, standard rooms, comfort rooms, and family rooms to cater all sorts of vacations goers, you’ve something to look forward to at all times.

Relish on the traditional tastes of Jesolo with all the home made desserts, the buffets and the vegetables which make us crave for more!

Affably affordable

Jesolo hotel 3 stars with private beach is known for much more than its food and the beach. Few of the other things you would love Jesolo hotel 3 stars with private beach for is below:

  • The rooms come with all the luxurious amenities one could look out for.
  • The affordable price segment all of Verdi Jesolo hotel services which make it a pretty good choice for customers – who doesn’t want a private beach?
  • Guided tours ensure that you’ve a vacation like no other in Venice.

Apart from the cuisine, the private beach, the luxurious rooms, the guided tours and the very reasonable pricings, you also have one of the best staffs – who are willing to give more than a hundred percent at all times for customer satisfaction.