Hotel Verdi Jesolo


Hotel Verdi  in the heart of Jesolo Lido, very close to Venice and easy to reach all the local towns in the Veneto region. The Hotel Verdi is the ideal hotel for those wishing to have a seaside holiday, that offers, as well as relax and entertainment; cultural exploration. Not to mention all the local attractions for nature lovers.

Jesolo, the city of hotels,  made for everyone. Open and generous, attractive, and as once quoted by those who love the place ‘ it could be anyones, the Venetians, people from any country or the local fishermens, all with the same ease and naturalness’. With the pedestrian area that is the longest in Europe, the trendy bars, the beach and the shopping opportunities, the hotels and the discos, from relax to sport, from night to day….Jesolo Lido steals the show!

Local history can be found nearby, like the noble ruins of the Santa Maria di Equilio Cathedral and the Torre del Caligo. It is precisely this small piece of history that helps sustain Jesolo in the present day, with all it’s faces and vitality, that are, and have become part of it’s extraordinary versatility, with the unique and fantastic projects, such as the grande Kenzo Tange, that take jesolo  to the future.

The city beach with a history, business, adventure, institutions, recreated landscapes, with materialsitic richness and a culture for having fun, the art of holiday making for families by the seaside.