Hotel Verdi Jesolo

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Private Beach Hotel Verdi

Jesolo Lido beach has always been popular as a tourist destination for its vibrant beaches and to be very close to Venice, 40 minutes   by boat  to Venice up at one of the most  friendly beach in whole of Italy.

Other from spending  your time lazing in our private  beach hotel Verdi, you can walk around the attractive seaside town visiting the  shops, the marina, bars and all night discos. The mix of colourful cultures and a rich night life will always be on your memories.

Hotel Verdi: Top Class Lido beach Hotel

The place is dotted with budget and luxury hotels where anyone can stay for as long as they want. Hotel Verdi located at the center of Jesolo is one of the few hotels offering a complete affordable holiday experience combing comfortable stay, delicious cuisine, exciting tours and a private beach just 100 meters from the main street.

World Class Services

Hotel Verdi has various rooms options from standard to comfort and family rooms, all depending on your needs and budget. Quality and service rank as top priorities which are extended to all of our customers be it families or young couples.

Children are always our guest and anyone up to 4  years old are free with 2 adults. There’s a discount of 50% for children up to 10 years old when they are accompanied by 2 adults.

Hotel Verdi also has a private car parking for the guests.

Restaurant Buffet: Food for the Soul

Managed by our dear chef Mrs Severa, restaurant offers the best of Venetian culinary experience along with various local and national mouth watering dishes. Our appetizing Buffet with fish and meat delicacies will satisfy you for sure.

We serve also vegetarian dishes for our vegetarian guests. Children can have their customised diet, you just have to tell the Reception  in advance.

If you are visiting Jesolo any time soon, make sure you stay at Lido beach Hotel Verdi for the best experience.