Hotel Verdi Jesolo

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Venice Lido Hotels

If you’re looking to head off to Venice, you are sure missing out if you don’t make a headway for Venice lido hotels. Venice is one of the most romantic places you would see on the earth and has a flavour of its own – one that you need to experience.

Why Do You Need to Stay at Venice lido hotels?

Enrich your vacation by flying to Italy and then make those memories even sweeter by stepping into Jesolo, the vital cog in Venice’s tourism hub. It proudly hosts around 6 million tourists every year – it’s easy to get mesmerized by this picturesque destination.

Break away from the shackles of your mundane life in style.

What Can You Do?

Jesolo being Jesolo is known for its beach which is the poster image of Jesolo and the hotels in lido di Jesolo are bound to captivate you with their private beach which poses as a luring lurk hiding behind the breeze.

Hotels in Lido di Jesolo – What Would You Love?

Now to add up to the mood, the hotels in lido di Jesolo offer out of the box packages which are literally unbelievable. The pricing is very low for the level of quality and comfort they provide.  Our Hotel Verdi Jesolo offers private beach and affordable rooms.

Explore Italian Cusine like Never Before!

The food is delicious as Italian food is always believed to be.

The land of pizza and pasta has a lot more to offer – expect to get to know many more traditional Italian flavors, which are sure to tickle your taste buds.

Rooms Suited to Your Needs

Hotels like our Hotel Verdi in lido di Jesolo have various room categories to fit your every needs, including your budget.

If not try the guided tours where you visit the innate beauty of the place, which are included in the packages for the hotels in lido di Jesolo.