Jesolo Lido....a little bit of history ...

Hotel Verdi in the centre of Jesolo Lido and near Venice, is conveniently located to reach the most important art cities in the Veneto region. Hotel Verdi is the ideal facility for all those who wish to spend a stay close to the sea and tha in addition to the opportunities for fun and relaxation, manages to offer excellent opportunities for cultural enrichment, without forgetting the attractions available to nature lovers.

The first pioneers of tourism in Jesolo were there thanks to the establishment of the first bathing establishments in the 1930s, but the real transformation from a rural village to a tourist town took place after the Second World War, especially during the 1950s and 1960s.

The basis of the tourist building boom that differentiates Jesolo from many other seaside resorts lies not only in the fact that there has been a very strong demand due also to the proximity of Venice, but also in the great sense of hospitality that characterises the locals. Many people do not know that the wayfarer who asked for accommodation was offered the landlord's own room and he and his family made do with more uncomfortable accommodation in some adjacent outbuilding or barn. The following year the traveller returned to find the private house enlarged to accommodate more guests. The following year he found not a private house but a proper inn or small guesthouse. And this is how most of the hotels in Jesolo were created. The Jesolano realised that his town also had a lot to offer from a culinary point of view. Good cuisine is based on traditional Veneto dishes offered in small family-run guesthouses that gave added value to the holiday and the certainty of customer loyalty.

Jesolo, the city of hotels, belongs to everyone and for everyone, open, generous, attractive and, as those who have loved it have said, "it can just as naturally belong to the Venetians, tourists or fishermen". With Europe's longest pedestrian island, with its fashionable bars and restaurants, amidst the hectic days punctuated by multicoloured scenes between beach and shopping, between hotel and disco, between relaxation and sport, between day and night... Jesolo Lido steals the show, as they say, from the town that owns the name. Here history is evoked by little clues, such as the noble ruins of the Cathedral of Santa Maria di Equilio and the Caligo Tower. It is this very foundation of history that sustains the present with all the nuances of its vitality, which are its extraordinary mobility, its fevers, its impulses, its courageous and imaginative projects, like those of the great Kenzo Tange, that hook Jesolo Lido to the train of the future, the city beach stories of men, of enterprises, of adventures, of institutions, of recreated landscapes, of material wealth and the culture of fun, of the art of the family seaside holiday.

Hotel Verdi years 50s/60s

Hotel Verdi 50s/60s