What to do

What to do in Jesolo is not a problem at all as the list of things to do is very long, here below are just a few of the many, for all the others ask the Reception and you will have all the informations and suggestions.

Staying in our hotel  does not only mean bathing on one of the most famous beaches in Italy in 15 km of golden sand and being pampered by the waves of the sea and the sun, but also lots of sports,  relaxing cycling on the Ambient bike Jesolo trails or golf tennis go-kart sailing sports and much more. Ask at the Reception and you'll  have all the informations.

You can also take a relaxing walk along the shopping avenue, which after 7 p.m. is closed to car traffic and turns into the largest pedestrian area in Europe, up to 10 km long. Stop for an drink and then a dinner in one of the many restaurants on the main street.  If you want to live your holiday to the full, then Jesolo will surprise you with its markets and live events along the main street during the day and in the evening, and then with the nightclubs and historic discos to go to for an evening of pure fun.

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The proximity of Italy's No. 1 water park makes a visit to Caribe Bay water Park almost a must. Thanks to our conventions and the distance of only 300 m, the water park is a fun alternative to our hotel's private beach, which is very popular, especially with families. Ask for tickets at the Reception so you don't have to queue at the park entrance.

There are also  Sea Life and Tropicarim Park where amphibians and tropical animals await your visit. Jesolo also does not neglect the space for culture and shows that take place even outside the summer months.  All informations at the Reception.