What to eat

Hotel Verdi - Jesolo, 100 metres from the sea, 300 from Caribe Bay

The first thing you think of after booking your holiday in Jesolo is not only entertainment and fun but also the good food that our resort offers. The development of tourism in Jesolo owes a lot of gratitude to the typical local cuisine, which has been a very important part of it. Very often the main reason for the presence of tourists is good food.

Our cuisine is based on typical fish dishes. Just consider that Jesolo is literally surrounded by water and we find in the port of Cortellazzo a reference point for Jesolo seafood cuisine where restaurants follow one another and you can choose even with your eyes closed, so high is the quality of the cuisine and service.

Hotel Verdi - Jesolo, 100 metres from the sea, 300 from Caribe Bay

In the area between the two rivers that surround the city, the Sile and the Piave, there are many restaurants specialising in freshwater fish dishes such as pike, tench, carp and eel. In the enchanted valleys of the northern lagoon, a veritable paradise for many water birds, another type of cuisine develops based on the diversity of brackish water fish such as gò, gilthead bream, sea bass, eels, mullet and so on.

The flavours of the area's cuisine are well represented in the various restaurants in the area and in the popular festivals that follow one another during the summer period by the exquisite taste of the Veneto culinary tradition deriving from agricultural resources with its vegetables, farmyard animals and livestock. Jesolo is at the crossroads of the culinary fashions and ethnic groups that characterise this time and has seen the growth of Brazilian, Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisine in addition to the already established Chinese cuisine.

The Jesolo culinary scene is completed by adding to the list a myriad of pizzerias by the slice, fast food, finger food, snack bars, beach kiosks and much more, such as the Veneto aperitif par excellence: the SPRITZ.

So, all is left to say... Enjoy your meal!